Saturday, May 21, 2011

Elements Of Reclaimed wood

We just sold our home and we are now in the process of building a French inspired home in Midway, Ut.
We are so excited to get out into the country and now we're trying to compile visuals that will help compliment a French country home.
I'm so excited to bring you along our journey as I show you detailed images of our upcoming project!
We just barely turned in our plans to the city and hopefully we'll get the go ahead in a couple of weeks!
This particular home is somewhat similar to my last home, but with more of a country feel. 
Below are some images that inspire the perfect combinations of reclaimed wood:

Notice the reclaimed wood on the ceiling in that back room -
they went from elegant and refined to rustic and warm

I love this pantry... the Juxtaposition of the rustic ceiling with the shiny tile!

Here is a good idea - add a reclaimed piece of furniture instead!

 Doesn't Belgian design reflect the perfect country influence?!
My favorite combinations are French, Belgian and Swedish/Gustavian influences!
Please share some of your ideas, I would love to hear from you!


  1. omg, desiree. the last image especially just gets my heart pumping. i feel like i know exactly where you're headed in vibe and the mix for the new place. it can't be too clean and crisp. it's got to have the contrasts in order to strip away any pretense--so opposite of what so many folks do when they're showing off and building something new, right? i'm feeling the European rustic totally. in fact, our basement project is feeling very rustic chic. since we have kids and want them to feel welcome and comfortable, luxuriously rustic chic works better than pristine too. (to be perfectly honest, i have a fair amount of OCD so i'm better off if there are limited polished surfaces which show fingerprints!).

    so excited for you and wish i could see the new lot and plans!

    hugs and love.


  2. Love all of these images. I am loving the mix of rustic and refined. Good luck with your new home. I cant wait for the pics and updates.

  3. How exciting! I know you will build a beautiful home. I hope you share the process with all of us!

  4. Such beautiful the look of the rustic timbers on the kitchen ceiling and the wonderful floors...gorgeous!!

  5. We love using reclaimed wood. We both used it in our homes. Renee used reclaimed bead board on her porch and 1/2 bath ceiling and reclaimed cypress beams on the front and back porch. I used reclaimed beams in the kitchen with a reclaimed wood ceiling similiar to your pictures, just a little darker. Using reclaimed wood is a decision you will not regret.

  6. Wonderful rooms with reclaimed wood! Thank you for the collection of images, I especially like the pantry too with timber ceilings...and the dining room, such warm and welcoming rooms, earthy, maybe. Have a great week, Tammy

  7. Beautiful the old doors in the last photo!

  8. Congrats on selling your home! No easy feat in todays market!! And building a French exciting. We are in the final stages of the building of our French home and its been a blast, I have had such fun learning about the French stlye even more than I thought I knew and researching everything with our architect and builders, the style is so beautiful and the materials are my favorties, all the reclaimed woods and stones.....can't wait to hear more as your plans unfold!

  9. We are definitely thinking along the same lines! These rooms are gorgeous and all the pieces I seem to be attracted to for our new apartment here in Dubai seem to be the rustic woods and metals with linen. So Belgian and Swedish and French... what's not to love? xo



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