Monday, May 23, 2011

Simple Yet Eclectic!

I fell in love with these kitchens by S.R. Gambrel!
  Steven knows how to perfectly combine his individual mix of traditional yet eclectic elements!
As you study each kitchen - you will notice specific elements that you would never think to put together - but yet it works perfectly:

I love to study the work of brilliant designers... I learn something new every time!


  1. Stunning in that they are truly timeless.....they could have been built ten years ago or six months ago, the hallmark of good design...beautiful!

  2. i think i like the black and white kitchen best. omg those benches. and a true eat in kitchen is soooo cool. all of these are truly timeless which is always the goal!

    love to you, friend.


  3. I loved the first kitchen - the mossy green and those earthy chairs are gorgeous. It also looks like a 50's style house remodeled - which is usually so hard to do well - this is a great model for how to make it amazing! What a great post - thanks!

  4. I love the long table with the benches~~that's really gorgeous and unexpected.

  5. I love the second last one with the old table and pews. Together with the floor it gives so much character to this kitchen. Totally gorgeous!!



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