Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Dhurrie Rug...

My favorite rug I had in my last home was the Dhurrie Rug! 
Not only was it affordable - it was long wearing, easy cleaning and non-shedding.
I was so nervous to put a rug under my kitchen table, but this particular rug cleaned up so well and worked perfect.
If you're looking for a new rug - go with Dhurrie, you won't be disappointed!

This particular rug was under my kitchen table, it's called the Soho Dhurrie

Notice how versatile these rugs are, they go with everything!
Check them out - they're awesome!


  1. Dear Darling Desiree,

    Of course with little kids (and the big kid husbands) cleaning is such a concern...if easy I'll take one for every room! Love the colors of yours under the kitchen table! Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

    Renee and Angela

  2. i'll take every one you've featured here. they really are amazing. then you throw diane keaton into the mix, and you've got pure perfection as far as i'm concerned.

    hope you're well. drop me an email when you have a chance so i can hear about this new chapter!

    love, pretty girl.


  3. Had a dhurrie in my old breakfast room and loved it. They are actually great looking and practical having no real pile. Beautiful examples you showed!
    Stop by for my newets giveaway...its amazing!

  4. I have never been courageous enough to place a rug under my kitchen table. With eight kids I've been scared stiff! Now that most of them have grown up I might consider it. They look so lovely and do complete the overall look. Thanks for a beautiful post, Desiree, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  5. Love the dhurrie you had in your kitchen, I like the design better then stripes. Beautiful images and glad to hear these rugs can take a beating. Have a lovely Sunday evening!

  6. So glad to see this post. I'm going to recommend one to a client with three children tomorrow. Thanks for the info and inspiration. Mona

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