Sunday, June 24, 2012

Curb Appeal...

I love driving through charming neighborhoods to see how people think outside the box when it comes to curb appeal.  Something as simple as painting a front door or adding a few pavers or window boxes filled with flowers can make all the difference!  It's endless what one can do with a limited budget to achieve unique charm.
My parents added the most charming window boxes filled with flowers and I couldn't believe the difference it made!
So if there are any of you out there trying to add a little facelift to your home - hopefully these images will bring some inspiration!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful photos and post! Such good advice! I was thinking I should work on my window boxes as well just today as they are wilting away in the heat! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. these are awesome images that i bet i will return to! my husband and i are always dreaming of the next project, and all these welcoming entrances are def what we're after. our first home had incredible curb appeal: a 1920s chicago bungalow. perhaps that will be what we return to for our final home!

    love to you.


  3. What a great post I just poured over all of the images

  4. What a gorgeous post so full of beautiful images and proof that magnificent things do come in small packages. Most of the ones I was most drawn to were the smaller homes but spilling over with charm! Curb appeal is just so important, its that first impressoin that you get when seeing ones nailed it here!

  5. OK there's a chicken coop above that I'm now going to pester the husband to build it's wonderful! We've been adding a little more curb appeal to our home and now have a regular house I've been thinking about adding more appeal out back as well and you've shown some wonderful ideas.

    Enjoy your week Des!

  6. Oh yes, they are all so inspiring. I always love window boxes, and those cottages are just so perfectly charming. I love the house with the coral pink front door, yummy...


  7. I love the first picture and last picture the best of all. Let me tell you why...the first picture because I love a home with flowering trees in back or in front because it usually gives a wonderful fragrance with it as well, which is so amazing to walk through in the morning as you are heading off to work and the evening when you are returning home to the nice allures of home. The last picture because I just love hydrangeas along the walkway or along the front of a house this is just perfect. The hydrangeas with the brick walk that goes up to the's just beautiful. These are all awesome. They really know how to have curb appeal!



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