Monday, June 25, 2012

Feel Good Images...

If you're anything like me -  the Summer's can be a little long and daunting when it comes to entertaining kids!
I feel like all I do is battle with my boys when it comes to electronics!  
Sometimes we need a little time out to enjoy some feel good images... right?  And then I get the reminder, "Mom - you're on the computer too!! (with attitude)"  I can never win!

I love Anna Williams' photography!

Looks like Anna might have done a little work for Pottery Barn.

Hoping you're enjoying a relaxing Summer!
... thanks for letting me vent!


  1. i totally spotted the pottery barn. that dino wallpaper is crazyyyycute. i think it would still get my sons' vote too. this is the first summer both boys are working jobs so my phase of life is different. and even though there was a time they were all about video games, it changes. they spend all their time outdoors unplugged now (except for checking facebook).

    smiles to you.


  2. Oh, how I remember those days of battling my boy's for the electronics and trying to get them outside and play! However…it seems to come full circle because he just graduated from high school and is working "occasionally" when my husband needs him! The battle is different now…I have the computer and he has a precious girlfriend! So I'm still trying to get him to go outside and play with his friends! Just for different reasons! LOL! Fabulous pictures from Anna Williams! Loved them!

  3. I can't say I know how you feel since I don't have kids but I battle other things during the summer. Love the picture above with the blueprints on the wall. There's actually some wonderful ideas here.

    Here's hoping you win a little but I wouldn't count on it...;)


  4. I think your post title is correctly named. Love the little dining table inside the barn, and that bed looks cozy enough to curl up in right now and go back to sleep. - Tonya

  5. Love the happy, calm, peaceful and laid back place these pictures take me to. I agree, electronics and the social media taking over our world is just too invasive and doesnt' allow us to stop 'and smell the roses".....we forget its the simple pleasures in life that are what really appeal to our EVERY sense. Love these images......

  6. Very inspiring photos!
    One thing surpises me though: I've never seen a macaron only half eaten :)



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