Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Less Is More...

My new montrachet... "Simplicity is true elegance" ...


  1. Quiet, slow, simple living in an almost bare palette is my heart song. It is the path I choose. Peace flowing gently.

  2. it's all lovely. namaste. xox

  3. That first foto, what can I say other then I feel it. It's been my Montrachet for some time, the more simple the more peaceful.
    Just like this empty stair wale with just the octagon table and pendant light center piece, now here's a conversation to art form in designs.

    You encourage here a bit of packing up a few things for me!
    Plainer vignette groupings here and there.
    See you soon.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. So peaceful. Simplicity at best, especially love the old black chest of drawers.

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  6. I found your post from 2013 with photos of your new home and love your colors. Would you mind sharing the paint colors for the trim and walls in living and entry way? It looks like a very light gray trimmed in a darker gray. Thanks so much.

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