Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Perfect Mountain Retreat!

I was checking out some of my favorite blogs today and came across a gorgeous post on Zhush!
Many of you have probably seen this beautiful cabin on this fabulous blog, but I had to post these beautiful images!  
I have never been into cabins or mountain homes for some reason, maybe because I'm not into winter sports or the cold.  You would think I would be more open minded due to the fact I live in Utah.  
All the cabins and homes in Utah are a little stagnant, that is why I'm a little turned off.
Thanks to the mother and daughter team of m. elle, we are all able to see a whole new twist on the perfect mountain retreat!!

... genius!!


  1. Oh my oh my. I want that house. Incredible!

  2. Wonderful cabin! Have a nice weekend, @nne

  3. That is beautiful. I have been in many mountain cabins, I grew up in one. They each have their own unique character, and this post proves that! You can create a beautiful mountain retreat filled with luxury and all things pretty. Check out
    Have a great weekend!

  4. When your house looks like this, You'll really feel so relaxed. This house is simple but really a relaxing home. Simple life far away from the stressful life of the city. I love this kind of life.

  5. Love that house! It seems like the perfect home to cozy up on an autumn day w/ a good book and apple pie... it would be beautiful with snow falling too! xo

  6. Phenomenal! Design at its best...sleek and sophisticated, yet indulgent.

  7. Love this cabin!!! So peaceful looking. Would be so easy to relax here, it is so uncluttered. We are designing a mountain home and this is definitely going in my save file. Your Blog is beautiful. It is in my top 10 to visit.

  8. Takes your breath away. I just love the exterior of this house. So interesting.

  9. Divine...completely divine. I love grey and I'm so happy to see someone using a deep shade of it to such wonderful cozy effect! That wonderful library is wrapped in the same luscious grey that my husband and I chose for the bed nook in our's so restful!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope Ava

  10. That is the perfect weekend getaway!

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  11. One can truly relax in a cozy and welcoming environment such as the ones shown in this post. The place looks relaxing, perfect for those who want to meditate or have time for themselves. From the wall, ceiling, flooring, furniture and other fixtures in the retreat house, one can tell that everything was well prepared to ensure relaxation.



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